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A company with a keen eye for innovation.

In 1972, when the company began to take its first steps in Settimo Torinese, a zone which, in those years had become famous for its concentration of pen and marker producers, it was one of more than 60 other companies operating in the sector of writing instruments.

Today, in that area, the companies who have remained in the market number less than ten, and Stilolinea is still there among them.

Since 2008, with the massive use of digital writing tools, the delocalisation of companies, the arrival of Asian products and the heavy economic crisis, a downward curve in the local production of pens began, but our company was forward thinking, searching, day after day to build its future. Faced with a grim scenario and the survival of many companies in jeopardy, once again the formula was one and the same: Innovation.

The decision was taken to strengthen collaboration with Universities to research new materials and products with innovative design. Special lines were developed such as the IProtect antibacterial pen, the eco-compostable line with Ingeo-BioS!-Vegetal pens. The S-Bella! pen came into being!, a market exclusive thanks to the clip’s lock-and-release mechanism, making it the perfect pen for the creation of collectable items.

There has always been change, but when this is done in keeping with tradition and strong territorial presence, it turns into style. For this very reason, this is what makes Stilolinea "local" and, at the same time, "global".

The first is a change that regards the company, its processes and internal organisation, the second regards its approach to large Italian partners, Europe and non-European. There is growing awareness of the need for integration with one's customers: from a "simple" manufacturer, Stilolinea has become a "service provider", as it is convinced that it is in this sphere of evolution that the opportunity to differentiate and compete with its competitors lies.

It is the willingness to change that comes from a strong and deeply-rooted sense of Italian identity. Because the pride of being Italian explains their focus of attention to the rest of the world and the approach taken in research and technology. The story of entrepreneurship is generally one of change.

That of Stilolinea is a story of change while remaining faithful to its own style.

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