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  Il sottoscritto autorizza al trattamento dei dati personali sopra indicati ai sensi del Regolamento UE 16/679 e delle normative nazionali eventualmente applicabili. Informazioni dettagliate sono riportate su www.stilolinea.it/102-privacy.asp.

Privacy policy pursuant to new European Union (EU) privacy regulation nr. 2016/679  called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).



Stilolinea Srl (“Stilolinea”) is aware of the importance of protecting personal data and, considering that the Internet is a potentially strong instrument of exchange and circulation of information, it is willing to undertake the utmost commitment in being compliant with the rules of conduct provided by the “Code on the matter of protecting personal data” pursuant to new European Union (EU) privacy regulation nr. 2016/679 s called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which guarantee secure, controlled and reserved web navigation.

In light of the above, Stilolinea invites its Users – as defined below – and its clients to acknowledge the regulations applied in collecting and treating personal data as defined by the Code and to always provide a satisfactory service to its clients and to the Users of its website www.stilolinea.it (the “Website”).


Stilolinea Srl basic principles concerning the treatment of personal data.

It is henceforth specified that:

  1. References to “personal data” and to the “data subject” refer solely to individual and not legal entities;
  2. The term User only refers to an individual to whom the provisions of this privacy policy apply;
  3. The term Client refers to the legal entity to whom the provisions of this privacy policy apply.

Stilolinea collects and stores personal data and general data which Users and Clients communicate spontaneously upon registration on the website.

Stilolinea treats the aforesaid data exclusively for purposes inherent to online sales of Stilolinea pens and according to the procedures explained in the privacy policy.

Stilolinea shall only make data available to third parties for purposes instrumental to the online sale of Stilolinea pens by means of the website (e.g. shipment by courier/carrier to clients and users of Stilolinea pens purchased online).

Stilolinea shall respond to requests for cancellation, amendment and additions to data provided and refusal of treatment of User’s personal for the purposes of sending commercial and advertising information;

Stilolinea ensures that User’s and Client’s data is handled correctly and legally, protecting their privacy as well as applying suitable measures of security safeguarding the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the conferred data.


Privacy policy pursuant to  the new European Union (EU) privacy regulation nr. 2016/679 called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In its capacity as Data Controller, pursuant to the Regulation, Stilolinea is bound to providing the data subject with the following information.

The “internal” treatment manager is  the Privacy Administrative Manager, domiciled for the purpose at the Data Controller’s headquarters.

The data required at the time of registration on the Website is used in order to meet requests made expressly by the User and by the Client. In particular, as Stilolinea’s activity consists in the remote sale of promotional pens, the section mainly dedicated to data collection is that related to registration on the website.

The form to be compiled foresees both data strictly necessary in order to process a purchase order, if this is not given the request cannot be continued, and possible refusal in relation thereto shall not lead to any consequences concerning the execution of the requested commercial transaction.

All treatments carried out in relation to the Website are mainly realised through electronic or online procedures, in observance of the security standards in force, for the following purposes:

  1. To allow a purchase order for one or more Stilolinea products requested by the user to be processed;
  2. To carry out direct promotional activity having as subject matter the online sale of Stilolinea pens through periodic transmission of a newsletter by means of the e-mail address which the data subject will have spontaneously provided upon registration on the website;
  3. Subject to the consent of the data subject, carry out profiling activities based on the types of purchase carried out for the purpose of statistical surveys, market research and personalised promotional activity.

For purposes linked to supplying the service to which the User and the Client have adhered, (shipment by courier/carrier of Stilolinea pens to clients and users once purchased online), data can be made available to third party companies – which shall act as independent data controllers (for example: credit card providers, couriers, etc.) – which supply services instrumental to meeting the request of the User and the Client. A complete and updated list of such third party companies can be requested from Stilolinea Srl, San Mauro Torinese (TO), Via Toscana n. 26, CAP 10099.

Users and Clients may, at any time, refuse receipt of commercial communications concerning the online sale of Stilolinea pens by contacting the Data Controller at the e-mail address info@stilolinea.it

Furthermore, if the User and the Client have positively expressed their consent in the dedicated box outlined below, the data shall also be used for profiling.

The data subject’s personal data and the Client’s general data shall only be made available to persons who have been expressly authorised by the data controller companies which carry out activities strictly instrumental to that requested, pertaining to the following corporate functions: sales services, administration services, management of information services, logistics/shipments.


What cookies are and how Stilolinea uses them

A “cookie” is a short text file which a website inserts into the User’s and Client’s computer hard disk. Cookies allow a link to be created between the User’s and Client’s computer, website navigation and the profile created by the user where applicable: they are not of a personal nature per se but can be linked to personal information.

The cookies used by Stilolinea are of a temporary nature (they do not remain on the user’s hard disk once the session is over): when the User and/or Client connect to the website and log in with username and password, cookies make it possible for them to be recognised, allowing access to the Service according to the personalised profile created by the User and/or by the Client.

We use:

  1. Necessary session cookies used for “filling the shopping basket” in online purchases, those for authentication, multimedia content (e.g. flash player if they do not exceed the duration of the session and those of personalisation (e.g. choice of navigation language)
  2. Cookies for assessing the number of accesses to the website (each browser to access is sent one sole cookie, used to quantify repeated use of Stilolinea services)
  3. Cookies for assessing the volume of traffic on the website and verifying which areas the User and Client have visited as a whole

Personal data such as, for example: name, surname, e-mail address shall never be detected and stored through cookies.

The Client and the User may choose to disable receipt of cookies, setting their browsers according to the instructions shown hereunder. In the case in which the User and the Client choose not to accept cookies, they may however visit the website, but it might not be possible for them to use all or part of the services offered therein.

Should the Clients and/or the User close the profile on the Website, the latter shall be closed including all of the information in connection with it.


Google Chrome

Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox


Methods of use.

Stilolinea – and therefore also the Data Controller as identified above, take suitable and preventive security measures aimed at protecting confidentiality, integrity, completeness and availability of the data subject’s personal data. As prescribed by the Code’s provisions and related technical regulations, technical, logical and organisational precautions are perfected with the objective of preventing damage, loss, even accidental, alterations, incorrect and unauthorised use of the treated data.

On the other hand, the Data Controller shall not be liable for false information sent directly by the User and by the Client (example: correctness of the e-mail address or credit card details or postal address), as well as information concerning them which have been provided by a third party, even fraudulently.

In order to protect data linked to the ownership of the data contained in the website, the Client and the User shall observe the following restrictions:

  1. A visit to the website realised by means of automatic tools such as script, crawlers or autobotswith the objective of systematically restoring information as created, of links from/for the contents of this website to another website is forbidden without written consent from Stilolinea;
  2. It is, moreover, strictly forbidden to use links allowing the website to be displayed inside an iframe contained in another website.


Consultation, amendment and cancellation of personal data – rights pursuant to new European Union (EU) privacy regulation nr. 2016/679 called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The rights pursuant to the new Regulation, which is shown in full as follows, are guaranteed: the data subject has the right to obtain confirmation of the existence or not of personal data concerning them, even when not yet recorded and the communication thereof in intelligible form. The data subject has the right to obtain an indication of: a) the origin of the personal data; b) the purposes and procedures of treatment; c) the logic applied in the case of treatment carried out with the aid of electronic tools; d) details of the identity of the data controller, the managers and the designated representative pursuant to article 5, paragraph 2; e) the subjects or categories of subjects to whom the personal data can be communicated or who may become aware of it in their capacity as designated representative in the land of the State, managers or assigned persons. The data subject has the right to obtain: a) update and correction of, or, where of interest, addition to the data; b) cancellation, transformation to anonymous form or blocking of data treated in violation of the law, including that which does not need to be kept in relation to the purposes for which the data had been collected or subsequently treated; c) certification that the operations pursuant to letters a) and b) have been brought to the knowledge, also with regard to the content thereof, of those to whom the data was communicated or circulated, with the exception of the case in which such fulfilment proves impossible or leads to the use of means that are clearly disproportionate respect to the protected right. The data subject has the right to refuse, wholly or in part: a) the treatment of personal data concerning them for legitimate reasons even when pertaining to the purpose of the collection; b) the treatment of personal data concerning them for the purposes of sending advertising material or direct sale or for carrying out market research or commercial communication.

The rights pursuant to art. 7 can be exercised by the data subject at any time, by writing to Stilolinea Srl San Mauro Torinese (TO), Via Toscana n. 26 CAP 10099.

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